4+ Cheap SMTP Server [UPDATED]

Sending emails and getting them delivered into the inbox is a real task and making this task more complicated is the search of a cheap SMTP server and also a reliable free SMTP server.

And also making sure that the cheap SMTP server is capable to handle your email marketing needs.

Here is a checklist of points which a free SMTP Server should have:
-Domain authentication of emails by DNS records (SPF and DKIM)
-Send and deliver emails with quickness and inbox delivery
-White listed server for improving and managing sender’s reputation

To make your life little easy, below is the list of top 4 cheap SMTP server

1. SendinBlue


SendinBlue is one amongst the foremost trustworthy GDPR compliant SMTP server with that you’ll be able to simply send transactional emails.

Moreover, SendinBlue will track multiple email campaigns furthermore as turn out reports supported open rates, click rate, bounce rate, etc.

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Features –
SendinBlue helps you to produce templates principally for transactional emails like sign-up, purchase confirmation, etc. And you may use multiple style editors for an equivalent practicality.
SendinBlue renders numerous reports and metrics to observe a campaign. you’ll be able to generate reports on the idea of deliverability, CTR, & open rates on the daily/weekly/ monthly basis and numerous alternative time period statistics.
There area unit 2 choices obtainable to integrate SMTP service. Either you may use the PHP Library or the standard mode by manually configuring server, port, username, and countersign.

Pricing –
Free set up – The Free set up permits causation three hundred emails per day during a month to unlimited contacts while not disbursal one penny.

Lite set up – This set up helps you to send forty,000 emails a month at simply $7/month. and it doesn’t have a causation limit.

Premium set up one – you may be ready to send one,20,000 emails at a value of $66/month. Also, it avails options like landing page builder, unlimited automation workflows etc.

Premium set up a pair of – The second premium set up permits you to send 3,50,000 emails a month in exactly $173/month. except all the options of Premium set up one, it conjointly renders you a free dedicated science.

Enterprise set up – it’s a zealous arrange to send emails on top of 3,50,000/month. And you need to contact the sales team to understand the calculable price.

2. Moosend

Utilize nice Moosend free SMTP server that has fast and clean SMTP integration along with your web site or alternative application. This SMTP service empowers you to send transactional emails swimmingly and fastly. It conjointly will increase your delivery rate by utilizing our foremost infrastructure.

Features –
Let you produce awing transactional emails inside the seconds by mistreatment Moosend drag-and-drop campaign editor.
Provide associate advance report that contains time period stats for the performance of the transactional emails.
Helps to introduce TLS cryptography across all of your messages so you’ll be able to simply defend vital messages whereas causation.
You can send the unlimited variety of emails to your users inside a moment and provides segmentation feature that helps you to divide your info such the message gets delivered to the proper users.

Pricing –
Moosend provides many reasonable evaluation plans on a monthly basis that is predicated strictly on the amount of subscribers. These plans

Provides unlimited emails to 1,000 subscribers per month for free of charge.
You can send unlimited emails up to 8,000 subscribers in $40 per month.

Also, offers half-dozen months and annually costs that helps you to save to fifteen percents.

Offers another “pay-as-you-go” set up that’s particularly for the occasional sender.

Know a lot of regarding Moosend

3. Amazon SES

The cloud-based email promoting service is developed particularly to tackle the necessity for an inexpensive SMTP server that seamlessly fosters email promoting. Through Amazon SES, you’ll be able to send promoting, transactional and notification emails.Amazon SES – five low cost SMTP Server For Email promoting
Features –
High delivery rates is one amongst the outstanding options that create Amazon SES a number one free SMTP server service.
Unlike many bulk emailing software package and SMTP service suppliers, Amazon SES too embeds DKIM signatures and supports SPF validation.
Amazon SES except providing reliable SMTP relay servers offers dedicated science addresses with further charges.
Pricing –
Even though Amazon SES charges its customers on causation and receiving emails, the plans area unit still reasonable.

So, if you’re causation email from associate EC2 hosted application then you get to send sixty 2,000 emails/month for free of charge. After that, an extra price of $0.10 per ten00 emails and $0.12 per GB of attachments sent are applicable.
You will be charged $0.10 per 1000 emails if you’re causation emails from alternative emailing software package and $0.12 per GB of attachments sent.
If you’re mistreatment associate EC2 hosted application, you’ll be able to receive a thousand emails {for free|for free of charge|without charge|at no price|for complimentary|for gratis} and therefore the emails afterward can cost you $0.10 per 1000 emails.
You won’t be eligible for the free tier of Amazon SES’s receiving emails set up if you’re receiving emails on external email promoting software package. you may be charged $0.10 per 1000 emails received.
Apart from preceding charges, you may even have to pay additional for availing dedicated science addresses, causation & receiving attachments, etc.

4. TurboSMTP

In terms of finding a perfect SMTP server for email promoting, TurboSMTP can satisfy your desires and necessities for an equivalent. The SMTP service supplier is filled with varied options, 24X7 client support and secure & reliable SMTP servers.

Features –

Unlike alternative SMTP services suppliers, TurboSMTP offers bounce, spam and unsubscription management capabilities.
Also, TurboSMTP is compatible with all the most recent bulk emailing software package, thus creating it a perfect SMTP service supplier for email promoting.
The TurboSMTP server guarantees immediate causation of emails, with none lag from anyplace and anytime.
Pricing –

Apart from providing a free SMTP server set up of 6000 emails (200 emails/day) per month, TurboSMTP justifies the tag of low cost SMTP server through its six evaluation schemes.

Bronze – You get a limit of thirty,000 email relays/month in exactly $9/month.
Silver – 50,000 relays/month may be bought by paying $30/month.
Gold – This set up offers a hundred,000 relays/month with dedicated science address for simply $70/month.
Resell – This set up too supply dedicated science address however with three hundred,000 relays/month at the value of $190/month.
Titanium – 500,000 relays/month and dedicated science address may be availed by paying $310/month.
Diamond – The set up offers you the huge limit of one,000,000 relays/month and dedicated science address at the value of $510/month.
TurboSMTP conjointly offers associate Enterprise set up which may grant you the permission to send one,000,000+ relays/month. you’ll be able to fetch the set up details by contacting the TurboSMTP sales team. Also, you’ll be able to conjointly get a pair of months FREE access if you select to pay on annual basis.

Here are some Free SMTP Server you can have a look on

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